Thank you!

Sometimes when I’m riding, I find myself saying “Thank you!” to various things and people. For example, when I hit an icy patch on a snowy muni trail, I say “Thank you, studded tire!” When my grippy 5-10 shoes keep my flailing feet from flying off the pedals, I say “Thank you, shoes!” I’ve also thanked quite a few handy trees for propping me up or helping me around a tight corner.

When you ride, to what or whom are you saying “thank you!”?

While not exactly an answer to what you’re asking, I often think about how grateful I am to have the ability to participate in a sport that I enjoy so much!:smiley: I think it’s important to always remain humble and to recognize and appreciate the everyday blessings that we sometimes take for granted.

My favorite thing about muni is speeding around a corner and grabbing a nearby tree to help me better make the turn.

I say thank you to people who step off the trail for me, people who hold their dogs back, and people who.
I feel thankful at times for inanimate objects but talking to them seems odd. If they ever talk back to you I would suggest you seek help… by talking to a doctor. :wink:

I would like to thank my helmets and wrist guards!

Thanks to the great weather in Southern California!

I say thank you to folks who hold their dogs and children out of my path as I cycle passed. I also say thank you to my knee and wrist guards and also my pedals. With their little bit of grippyness, they have saved my falling off soooo many times.
And thank you for this great forum :slight_smile:

I would say THANK YOU to the guys who sold me their unis.

My gf audibly thanked the fasten statbelts gong in her car yesterday, and I thought of this thread.

I third the bit about thanking people who make way for me on paths. Even if it was only necessary because they were all over the place.

I also thank people who compliment my riding when the situation permits.

While riding on a snow-covered icy trail today, I thanked my studded tire for being so awesome.

I thanked my Lucky Stars when I survived this…

I say thank you to my safety equipment for working. Also, I’m thankful for this forum.

And a “Me too” for Northern California as well! Thanks for that, and Mother Nature in general for providing such a great outdoors for us all to ride in.

Thank you for not asking “can you ride that thing downhill?” and “can you ride that thing uphill?” :sunglasses: :smiley:

That’s a good one. Those are kind of the equivalent of “Where’s your other wheel” for offroad. :slight_smile:

My answers would be (in order) “mostly yes” and “mostly no”.
Fortunately, I realized it and should work to change it (not by riding less DH things… :stuck_out_tongue: )

Best thing that came along unicycling for sure.
Such a cool thing to be able to meet people in various parts of the world and ride with them!

I’ll toot my own thread again. Today I said (or thought) “Thank you!” to my helmet when a leafy low hanging tree branch was much woodier than I expected. I find my helmet hits tree branches MUCH more than it hits the ground.