THANK YOU! (Was: NEW: Dustin Kelm Titanium Frame...)

RSU Rocks, You all are great! Thank you for all the support, the laughs and goose bumps (thanks for the ride Harper). With all the good vibes coming my way I’m sure to be cruising again soon. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Now to get to some of your questions…

Christopher…I just got my first statement today: $19,000. This is just the beginning, I know there’s a few more to come. Thankfully this self employed athlete just got some health insurance 4 months ago. Unfortunately it might be somewhat limited, I don’t think it’s going to cover me completely. We’ve been trying to sort out the extent of my coverage, but it’s just blazin confusing. I care but I don’t, I’m going to ride again no matter the cost. Despite having to cancel all my shows, there’s been some wonderful provision for my immediate needs.

David Stone…I may recover before I get my order, but so be it, Denny’s food is still better than Hospital grub. It’s worth the wait. When I was performing my act for the tech rehearsal they had two cameras that were projecting on two 16’x28’ screens. EVERYONE saw me go down. I’ve got calls into the producer to find out if they had a tape recording. Even if they did, I don’t think it would show the most interesting part since that would have been blocked by the seats. During the show they would’ve had a roaming camera that was going to follow me down the aisle of stairs.

Chex…Yup, lots of funny looks. Most everyone assumed that I’d fallen from a great height. That would’ve been easier to explain.

Dylan…I wish I could pull my socks up, I can’t reach them! Keep breakin’ uni parts, it’s a lot better then body parts and a lot cheaper.

Ross…Good to hear that it’s possible to get going again. Although I’ve done a fair bit of acting in some plays and musicals over the years the program that I was preparing for was a variety show called Showcase 2002 that was featuring my own act/performance. I ended up making my appearance in the show via video from my hospital bed and I did some uni stunts with my Unicycle Keychain. Good luck on your roll in Cyrano, “break a leg” :smiley:

GizmoKen… When can I ride? Well, the doc says he won’t be happy if I’m not riding within 4 months. For me, riding means being able to do everything I could do before and that’s going to take quite a bit longer. But, the other day I did something really stupid and dangerous in my kitchen, I got on my trial uni and did a one foot wheel walk still stand with my broken leg sticking out in front of me…I couldn’t resist. I just wanted to know that I could still do something. THAT was my Jack-ass tryout! I promise no more stupid stunts! :smiley: I’m hoping to get copies of my x-rays soon…maybe that will be my new avatar.

JDK…I wasn’t wearing active ankles at the time, I actually rank the stairs I bailed on pretty low on difficulty. They weren’t steep and the step height was low. I was going to wear my Active Ankles for the finale when I was going to ride a 16 footer loaded with pyrotechnics…never got that far.

on the mend and dreaming of riding, peace.

Would the Active Ankles have helped?


Re: THANK YOU! (Was: NEW: Dustin Kelm Titanium Frame…)

It just goes to show that accident size does not always equal stunt size. John Hooten rides trails every day, wearing wristguards. He fell down (from a standard uni) in a parade on a paved street, and broke his wrist. Now he wears the wristguards for all riding.

But you never know. Do we wear safety equipment when venturing into that most dangerous of household places, the bathtub?

Since Dustin was not injured in the ankle area, the Active Ankles probably wouldn’t have made much difference in this instance.

Dustin, as you can see, we all feel for you. An accident like yours could probably happen to any of us, if that’s of any help. Jacquie and I wish you a speedy recovery and rehabilitation, with a minimum amount of pain.

Stay on top,
John Foss

I know I wear my water wings everytime I venture into the deep unkonwn of a bath. You mean you dont?

Thanks! I’ll think of you when I perform! :slight_smile:

Glad to hear all the support around here. Especially after the recent posts about a bad “community” of people in this club. Seems to me, that more people are willing to help than not.

On another note: Variety show’s are a lot of fun, soon enough you’ll be performing again! One thing I meant to mention, if you get distressed ever, consider taking up a temporary hobby that you are able to do. I learned to solve the Rubik’s cube when I was on the mend, and I’ve found that finding something you can still have passion for helps a lot until you can return to your other activities. The world’s a crazy place, I’m sure you can find something that you will enjoy!

Re: Re: THANK YOU! (Was: NEW: Dustin Kelm Titanium Frame…)

Yes, I wear full Dainese body armour. My wife thinks I’m being over cautious and people tend to cross the road when they see me as I’m starting to smell a bit rank (can’t get the loofah under the armour). I also wear full shin pads when putting on my socks, several people die every year in the UK putting on socks!

Have fun!


Hey Dustin,

I feel for ya, man! Sending good, healling vibes your way from the Delta.

Getting hurt stinks! I always try to wear a helmet, wrist and leg armor. I just don’t recover as fast as I did when I was younger. My riding time is precious to me. Getting hurt takes away my riding time - plus some other pretty important stuff - like putting on socks. I’m just coming of a “minor” set of broken ribs. Breathing is kinda cool too.

Get well soon!