Thank you for attending TOque 2004 !

Just a note to those who made long drives or flights to attended TOque this year.

Spending the day today with a bunch of you was nice.

We had Gilby and Max drive 15 hours from Minnesota.

THEDAN.COM, Dan, Ben and Joey drove 10 hours from Boston.

Checkernuts, Mike drive 6 from Pittsburgh.

Marcus and Jason drive from Michigan.

Carl, Karl, Thomas, Devon, Jason, Callan, James, Norm from Ottawa.

Jack from Shelton, WA flew in.

Kevin McMullin from New Brunswick flew in.

A big group from Quebec city, a 10 hour drive.

Kris Holm from Vancouver flew in.

A couple from Montreal and a young rider from Calgary. Sorry I don’t have their names !!!

Lots of other riders I may be forgetting as well !

Thanks again, I hope to see you all again next year.


P.S. I’m sure there will be a post and pictures on the event soon.

I’m sure attending the event was nothing compared to the work that was put into hosting it. A big thanks to you and everyone else involved in organizing it. It was a spectacular weekend!

I’d also like to thank everyone who attended. It was the first such event that I’d been to and you all inspired me with your riding! Just seeing so many unicyclists in one spot was amazing.

An extra special thanks to the Groves family for opening their home, and enormous pot of chilli, to the throngs of unicyclists!


I had a great time, I’ll look forward to next year.

Just to reiterate what Darren said …

Thanks to everyone who came from afar to participate in the 2004 TOque Games.

This year we had 52 participants, 20 more than last year. It really caught the bike show organizers off guard! Unfortunately, our space was made much smaller at the last minute due to an organizational problems with the BMX flatland competition. Thanks to all who put up with the cramped space!

I have been assured that we will have more space next year. I hope that turns out to be true.

Extra T-shirts
I have extra TOque t-shirts in the following sizes:
6 - small
2 - medium
4 - large
3 - youth large

They are CDN$22 or US$15 including shipping in North America. Send me an e-mail (carl [@] mountainunicycling[.com]) if you want one.

I’ll have the results available on the TOque website in the next few days.

Thanks to the following sponsors for their support and goodies:

  • Bedford Unicycles
  • Kris Holm Unicycles
  • Mountain Equipment Co-op
  • Williams Towing
  • Cyclepath
  • Broadway Cycle
  • Urbane Cyclist
  • SYKO Productions
  • T-shirts by Mike Rocks

AND Jeff Groves & Jason Downs for the awesome trophies.

I hope to see everyone out again next year.