Testing DUI myth

Great! But you can still walk straight. Is 0.10 a valid test?


Yes it is. The breathalizer readings match up close with the BAL charts. .08 or.10 does not mean one is sloppy drunk but just over the legal limit. I can still ride one wheel at the supposed “drunk” level. I suggest field sobriety tests on unicycles.

First time I could turn right on a unicycle I was well over the legal limit. Sometimes it seems like you can ride straiter than you can walk once you get to a certain level. After that you can’t ride or walk…

EDIT: and where do you get all your decks of cards. I hope there is a casino that gives them to you, otherwise all those videos could become quite expensive…

Keep up the good work


Sobriety Failures

I have heard a few alcohol related sobriety failure stories first and second hand that are amazing concerning both unicycles and juggling. Being intoxicated to the point they could not standup unsupported. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a supporter of drunkenness. My interest is in what the human body can do when put to the test. At times I’ve amazed my self and a few others.

My problem is not alcohol or drug sobriety but vertigo. Lots of days I would have failed a field sobriety test but would have blown a 0.00 while commuting by unicycle every day. After a lot of time passed I have been able to adjust/adapt fairly well. It took six weeks before I would drive a car. I’ve passed the two year mark. Constant nausea and deceptive vision have been the symptoms hardest to deal with for me. Acupuncture, TCM, and diet changes have provided the most relief.


Ah! I got back from a big party once on my 29" when walking was already a task. I don’t know how I handled it, but I got back home in the dark in Montreal streets (I was wearing my safety gear still :wink: ) in total safety!

haha, I was thinking the same.

Keep those little fun videos coming, it’s always a pleasure to watch!