Test Ride? (Calgary/Airdrie, AB, CAN)

Hey all.

Pretty new to riding, just started this year on a cheap 20" I bought through online classifieds. I’m planning on buying a new uni to get serious and have decided on a Nimbus Muni. I’m just stuck between 24" and 26".

I’ve done a lot of reading on line regarding the issue, and I’m pretty sure I’m going to go for the 26". That said, it would be great if I could give one a try. I have tried a 24" muni (up and down a street), but not a 26".

I understand that most people are probably not comfortable meeting up with a total stranger to let them try their uni, but I thought it was worth asking. I’m just wanting to hop on and try riding around the block.

I live in Airdrie, but work in Calgary, and am down quite a bit anyways (not like it’s very far). Is there anyone that might be willing to arrange a time to let me try their uni?