Test of Metal , whos going?

I just wanted to see who was going to go to the test of metal trials compotition this year. Its june 22nd in squawmish b.c.

theres more info at www.testofmetal.com

so if anybody is going plz let me know because iv been talking to dan heaton and kris holm and they said they were goin to compete in the unicycle catagory.

thx for reading, laid her,


Re: Test of Metal , whos going?

I’m probably going, so are Jeff Groves, and Ryan Atkins.




i know most of u r probably competing this year but i might not be able to compete if my profiles dont come in on time. I orderd them a couple days ago and i wanted to know if anybody knew how long it might take to arrive. i also orderd a yuni frame to so anybody know how long it night take.

p.s. i live in canada on van island.

i would… but i gots school