Test my custom insoles... READ!!!

Hey guys, i dont know if you remember me, but i signed up here a while ago because ive always been interested in unicycling and have great respect for it.

Let me re-introduce myself. my name is Earl Pote. i have been extreme pogo sticking for over 7 years now, and am considered one of the best in the world. check out some pics/vids:

malcom x:


indian air peg grab:


i have designed a shoe insole/orthotic made specifically for extreme sports. the one i am mainly marketing is made out of carbon fiber. but the one i am here for today is a cheaper gel insole. the heel is very thick, and this is the only gel insole on the market with arch support. i know that i, and most other action sport athletes, wear skate shoes that are flat. flat shoes are bad for your feet, so all my insoles have arch support to help save your feet. this will also help prevent or help comfort knee/ankle/back pain.

if you are interested, i am here to give away one or several of these gel insoles for free-you pay nothing, not even shipping, ill cover all of it. i want you to test them out, and make a topic on this forum of how they helped and if youd recommend them to your fellow unicyclists. please email me your full name, address, your best videos, and a couple pics, and i will consider sending you some top of the line insoles.

thanks guys, let me know!!!

The carbon fiber insole also sounds interesting – not for Trials/Street riding but for road and possibly MUni riding, where most shoes aren’t stiff enough. What can you tell us about those?

Is this you in the pogo stick fail?


im up to test them. i would be able to compare them to insoles i had made for me to reduce pain because of my flat feet.

i just want to say thank you to all that have submitted your “resumes” i have alot of videos to watch!!! i filmed, edited, and released this today, just a quick demo reel for my carbon fiber orthotics. if anyone is interested in these, please send me an email and ill tell you all about them! the prototype stage is completed so were doing final touch ups right now, including printing my signature on them.