Terry's "MUni Minute"

Perfect SoCal weather today and an awesome trail only 4 miles from my house; doesn’t get much sweeter than that! So here’s a little something I’m calling, “Terry’s MUni Minute”. (It’s a tad over a minute, but oh well lol)

The downhill speed runs were inspired by Jackie! Hope you enjoy. :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, I got the zune 120 gig, and I can put 25 hours of video on it! :smiley:


Another great one! I love your Muni videos.
My favorite parts of your muni videos are the “flying along the trail” scenes, like at the 14 second mark in this one. That’s pure FREEDOM!

Fun Video Terry… Looks awesome, I hope I can ride in Cal. some time…

nice vid

cool vid u where really bombin those trails in some of those clips

Thanks Dave, yeah I was pedaling at pretty much maximum and I was flying! Very exhiliarating!

I especially love getting to the Catalina lookout where there is always a nice cool offshore breeze!:smiley:

Yeah after watching Jackie’s DH stuff I had to try it! Most of the DH stuff I ride is quite rocky and so you can’t really go all out speed-wise, but these particular sections of singletrack were smooth enough to really go for it! My brother thought I’d speeded up the footage, but no it’s real-time speed. :smiley:

I also uploaded it in HD so if you want to see it in 16:9 HD quality and a larger default screen, go to the link below and don’t forget to click at the bottom of the viewer where it says, “Watch in HD”. The quality is quite excellent and as good or better than vimeo! :slight_smile:



Aha, agreed.
But seriously, awesome vid.:smiley: Stick got owned at :14 :roll_eyes:

Oh cool, I’m in this thread. XD
I have to make a pizza right now but I’m gonna come back and watch this in a few.

Nice video, Terry a lot faster then your usual ones.

I have a feva! And the only prescription, is MORE SPEED! (DH MUni speed, that is!:p)

Haha yeah I just noticed that and you can actually hear it hit the ground!

Yeah thanks to you Jackie I’ve definitely developed a taste for FAST DH! :smiley:

Thanks yeah I love to bomb DH stuff but so much of what I ride is really hardcore rocky terrain, but even that I want to start doing a lot faster, cause it just looks so awesome! :smiley:

When you’re doing the rocky stuff, try to stay DIRRECTLY on top of your uni the whole time and put lots of pressure on your pedals. Ride down the whole rock rather than sliding. Ummmm… haha.

I’m downloading your vid now. I can’t watch it on youtube so I’m idesktopping it, haha.

I remember, a year or two back, maybe longer, I was telling you to really charge the runs and let momentum and the size of your uni carry you over bumpy sections.

This vid is one of my favorites from you. The music really added to it I thought.

Ahhh! That was delightful.
How steep was it at 49?
that was intense.
I can’t wait to ride with you.

Right I just never really thought about high speed as much as working the tech sections, drops and stuff. But now that’s I’ve been doing it more, I really love the rush! And it does add to the action and gives the video more kinetic energy! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, I attached the camera to a tree above and the angle made it look steeper than it was, but it was still fairly steep. I think my fastest pass was at :12 where I ran over that stick lol! I was really jammin’ right there! Yeah get down here soon and lets ride!:smiley:

Right, that’s how I usually ride down steep rocky sections, and by pulling up a bit more on the lift handle, it helps to lock my shoes to the pedals even more. But I seem to just naturally hold back maybe a bit more than I should sometimes; I do find though, that I clean the hard sections more successfully when I don’t “baby” the MUNi and just trust myself to “go for it”, which also means going faster too. I’ve read a lot about MTBers saying, “Speed can be your friend in tech sections”. I think there is truth to that for MUni as well. :smiley:

PS: What’s “idesktopping”? :thinking:

speed definately helps. especially on a bike. I seldom brake when I’m riding at high speeds on my bike.

idesktop.tv is a site that I use to download youtube videos, haha.

It"downloads" youtubes videos? Will they save in wmv format as well? I only know of those youtube “grabbers” where you put in the url of the video and it saves it but its an flv or something other than a wmv.

yeah, you can save to a whole bunch of different formats.
I save all mine to wmv. There’s a bunch of choices.


you have to create an account

i use keepvid and it works great. I put a video on my ipod using it. You have to click the button for high quality and it saves it as an .mp4 instead of an .flv

Thanks yeah I went there, registered, imported all my viddys and saved a couple in wmv. Even though it is a real wmv, it’s a much lesser quality than the original and much smaller file size, but it is a wmv so that’s cool! :smiley:

Thanks Tyler I’ll check that out too. :slight_smile: (Noble canyon soon!)