Terry peterson

Hi Terry! I was just watching your videos on youtube(love them:D) and while I was I found your soul mate! Checkit out! Shes the same age as you and has the same hobbies! :astonished: You can thank me later;)

hmmm link does not work… just click on it I suppose…

That’s my twin sister! :wink:

Seriously, no relation, but if we got married she wouldn’t have to change her name, like Penelope Cruise and Tom Cruise lol!

Ok, really seriously, you said “soul mate”? Lol, I only date women 25-35 max! So no offense to that lady,who I’m sure is a wonderful person, but I would definitely feel like I was with more of a mother than a GF! :o And besides, she’s a grandma already, and probably married for like 30 years, so noooooooo! :astonished:

Terry 1/2+7 man 1/2+7. Anything younger is creepy.

So youngest you should go is 33. Doesn’t give you much range if you go with 35 max eh? Unless you pretend to be 36 which you could pull off…

1/2+7 has kept me out of trouble.

My mindset, energy level and outlook on life is that of a much younger person than my 53 years; just ask anyone who knows me! :slight_smile: And there are TONS of 25-30 year old women out there that are probably more mature than me! :stuck_out_tongue: The one’s I’ve dated have all been successful, independent and beautiful!

And your 1/2+7 “rule” is totally moot when you get to be my age, lol! There are just so many 25-30 year old woman out there who love dating “older” guys…and older guys LOVE dating them, and why the heck not? It’s part of what keeps us young! Oh, and I never “pretend” to be 36 or whatever haha. I actually tell them right up front, which usually elicits a response like, “no way!” or whatever. I never try to hide my age, but I just don’t relate to being “53”. I feel like I’m there with them also saying, no way! :smiley:

Haha so Terry you have not answered my pm yet… im so sad… and for me 1/2 = 7 would be around my age by like 3 months so HA!

1/2 + 7? Oops… My wife turned 22 after I turned 30 :wink: I’m robbing the cradle, she’s robbing the grave :smiley:

Sorry about that. A separate window usually pops up when I get a PM, but didn’t for some reason, so I looked and yes, I see it now. PM reply sent! And thanks for your nice comment about my videos! :slight_smile:

Relax man I was just giving you a hard time.

Hope you find a good one.

Ok, Ok! No need to rub it in! :stuck_out_tongue:

That it? Lol. I’m 26, my other half is coming up to 41.

So you’re an “ageist” huh :wink: ? I know plenty of of older women who could still run you into the ground! You’re just looking in the wrong area. Look at the ultra-marathoning community; the women there really don’t hit their prime until they’re in their 40’s!! And they’re beating the pants off :astonished: women half their age. On the other hand I’m a guy too so I say if you can get women half your age (as long as their legal of course!) go for it! :smiley:

Haha, but that was past tense; it’s been a while since I’ve had a date that has all, most or even one of those qualities. :frowning:

Haha I know I was just having fun with my reply too! :o But yeah, there are also lots of woman in my age range that are hot. They just have to be fit, still have a zest for life and not be afraid to challenge themselves with new things. There’s nothing wrong with getting older; we all do. But it doesn’t mean we have to become old, and go quietly to our retirement centers and play shuffleboard! :stuck_out_tongue:

("One of us, one of us!!! :astonished: )