terry fox run

who’s riding in it?

i am

my school wont let me ride cauz they gay

Yea, those homosexual schools are a real problem.

ya, they like other male schools:p

You were told 4 days ago on the “Single wheeled motorcycle” thread that describing things as “gay” makes you sound stupid and in some cases, causes offence to other people. Doesn’t that bother you at all?

My son & I will be riding on Sunday. Could be a bit damp, with what’s left of Ophelia passing through then and dumping 70-100 mm of rain. Gotta love those elements!


I’m riding alongside my gf who’s running it. Hoping to get some other guys from BUUC there… Most of the places I saw listed on terryfoxrun.org let people bike it…

Done, 8K non-stop… new PR :smiley:

on your muni?

Both my son Colin & I finished. Colin did 5 km on his 24" muni (w/150 mm cranks) and no stops. I managed the 10 km on the Coker, no stops. Not a hard course, but it was windy and absolutely p-ssed down rain the whole time. But it was fun…especially when it was over.


Yep. Nothing like father-son bonding in ice-cold, pouring rain.

I was on my 24" Nimbonzaholm muni with 165mm cranks :D. The local TFR was either 4K or 8K, 1 or 2 laps of a road/bikepath course. I did 2 laps, no stops, no upd’s. The first quarter mile or so was uphill which was cool, 'cause I passed some of the other cyclists, then it went to downhill and they all zoomed by me, never to be seen again (until the finish line ;)) And then the runners started passing me :smiley: But it was fun, a lot of people were there :slight_smile:
I kind of felt silly being the only uni’st, but then again, the course was too easy to do on a bike… I could have easily averaged 20mph on it, and since it was just under 5 miles total, no challenge :stuck_out_tongue: