Terry Fox Run

My annual Terry Fox run here in fredericton.

Again the only unicyclist and did the 10 kilometer event in 47mins

8 MPH…

What size wheel and all that did you use?

my own terry fox “ride”

hi, i live in soahwa ontario, and we just did our city’s terry fox run, not the biggest turn out but eh it was fun. i went with a team from my karate dojo. i rode 19km in 49minutes on my bedford 24" light duty. My start time was 9:00am and my finish time was 9:49am 9as you might have figured out). i was very happy i made all 10k, when my goal wasonly five (seeing as this was my first long distance ride) and i did it in under and hour, which made me evry happy. i was the only one with a unicycle, but had fun with the runners, bikers, skaters and the two guys who portaged the canoe 10km anyways. just thought id give you guys an update seeing as there was a thread started on this :slight_smile: cheers :smiley:

I didn’t run today, but I’m running (maybe unicycling) on Sept. 25 with school. It’s awesome how every school in Canada runs at the EXACT same time. I’m out west so I get to go in the morning:D

I used my 29", and started in very last/back of pack. Lots of slower people to dodge around till I could make some real speed.

No one down here was doing it (I used to ride it in Quebec), so I’m doing a breast cancer ride in October instead :slight_smile:

Made it to newspaper.

Made it into newspaper for Terry fox.

Article here


I saw someone mention one of you on Twitter. They said they saw a unicyclist in a Terry Fox Run.