Terry Fox Run 2010?

Anyone planning on uniing the Terry Fox Run this week? I’ll be doing it in Ottawa…

I’m doing it on my uni at my school, but ours isn’t until later in September. My goal is to beat lots of runners (on my 26):smiley:

confederation bridge

This year is the 30th anniversary of Terry Fox run. The bridge linking New Brunswick to Prince Edward Island will host this years run. I will be doing the event on my 29" unicycle.
this should be a challenge due to the distance and the high winds commonly blowing in the Northumberland strait.

Sounds awesome :slight_smile: I’m doing it on my 20" trials (sigh), as my 24" muni is still out of commission (I hang my head in shame). The joggers will all pass me. :smiley:

When is it in Ottawa? I’ll try to be there! I can go with you on my Trials too so we can met on the way then:p

I’m doing it at Carleton:

Registration begins at 7:30am (Sigh) and it starts at 9am I guess.


I was ready to leave to travel to PEI to attend the Terry Fox run for cancer… then it happened My father in law was brought to hospital and taken to intensive care. Tumor in his lungs and cancer. he’s on a ventilator and unconscious.
Amazing how fragile life is.

Enjoy the run and remember why we do it


Finished it today: i unicycled it

Length: 10km
Start Time: 9:15am
End time: 9:57
Total time:42 minutes
Unicycle: Bedford 24" light duty
Saddle: KH street saddle
pedals: oddy twisted pcs

I’m happy with my time…I beat last years time by 9 minutes :slight_smile:
I am starting to want to put this uni up for trade/sale right now because i want to get either a 29" or 36"…any ideas? I would love to get a 29er with short cranks

so how many of you enter runs and ride a Uni in it?

How accepted is that by the race staff?

I did that on a 5k in my town, but it was a super small 3k population town happy to take my money for a fund raiser.

It. Is. Done. New PR for me, 10k without dismounting :smiley: I forgot to check my time, but probably about an 1:15 in the saddle. Biggest challenge was my bladder started getting full halfway through :wink:

I did see one guy who did the run while juggling, but by far the most impressive thing I saw was the one-legged woman who did the 10k on rollerblade pushing herself along with her crutches. That was epic!

MacbookProAR, I so far haven’t had any issues with race staffers. The TFR is a walk/run/pedal, and the one here also allows rollerblades. I did the Susan G. Komen Race For the Cure last year in Texarkana, and no one had any issues with it. My only prob there was that the course was narrower and I got bogged down with more walkers :wink: