Terry Fox Run 2008?

I’m riding the local Lennoxville 8K run. Anyone else riding this year?

Any tips on unicycling it?

Do I have to sign up and ask for special permission?

I think it depends on who’s hosting it. A lot of TFR hosts allow people to bike it, the one I go to does, I just show up and people are impressed. I think most places don’t require pre-registration. The longest distance we do is 8K, which is a joke on a bike, and on a uni is mostly stamina. Bring a camelback if you have one. When it starts hurting, remember that it’s nothing compared to what someone with cancer goes through. Keep pedaling. The fast runners will prolly pass you unless you’re on a coker (I’m on a muni). If you’re doing it alone bring music. Try and get people to donate. That’s about it. Take pics if you do it :slight_smile:

Sweet I found it, its ten Km here, if you can do more laps though I will go for 100 Km. Coker, I’m also getting others from Ottawa to do it!!

Sweet! 8k is the limit here, mostly 'cause once I heard them talking about closing the course (police at intersections and stuff) just as I was finishing the 2nd lap to complete the 8k :wink:

I got another friend to uni with me, another friend is biking, and my wife is going to jog the 4k with our son in his stroller :slight_smile: We set up a team so people can donate via the web. Plus, we just happen to be having a LAN party at my place tomorrow, so I’ll be hitting up people for donations… a dollar each at least :wink:

G’luck, let me know how it goes!

Terry Fox 10k in Fredericton

Today the Terry Fox run occured in Fredericton New Brunswick.

The run raised 7659.00 towards cancer research.

I did the run on my 29" unicycle. Managed to do 10k in 45min.

It was a cloudy overcast day here, but the rain held off.

It was pouring for the first lap but then I did 3.5 more and it got nicer along the way. I wanted to do more but lack of any breakfast or nutrients made me stop and go home.

It was drizzling then pouring the entire ride almost, but I got in 2 laps (8k) total. Photos and video to come :wink: