Terry, Cody & Tyler at Sullivan 5.25.08

The three of us met for about 6 hours of amazing fun; first was Muni at Sullivan Canyon, then street & trials at Santa Monica HS, and finally to Venice beach for more, with plenty of fast food in between!:smiley:

Less than 2 min. of video though lol! We were just to hyped up enjoying all the riding to stop and film. Cody was fearless as usual!

Some guy with a way professional videocam setup shot some great footage and I’m waiting for him to email it to me…hopefully!

And I got knocked out cold by hittin a tree headon…applied directly to my forehead lol!:stuck_out_tongue:

I’m pretty sure I had the first view on youtube for your 100th film…
I’m honored…
Looked like a fun time

Whoa! I totally forgot about the 100 mark! :smiley: Actually, with the gallery & google it’s about 185 or so, but w/e haha.:o

Sweet. I’m in your 100th vid. It was a lot of fun. We will have to do it again sometime.

haha glad to have you and Cody in it! YEah it was fun and we were out there for a long time which just extends the fun the whole day! After riding with you guys, I’ve decided to get a new 19" uni for street/flat/trials.

I think I’m going for a KH trials, with a try-all tire, and plastic twisted peds like on yours. Now I just have to knuckle down and practice, practice, practice! I’m hoping this dog can learn [at least a few] new tricks!:stuck_out_tongue:

yea can you send me a jpg of the picture at the end of the three of us?


Awesome video. Was that gap 6ft? (Trophy trophy!)

Whooo 100th vid lol, ouch on getting knocked out though. I havent heard that song in ages! but I class that as good.

That was pretty cool the drops were sweet. Good job.

Yeah it was very close to six! I have made it clean before, but this time I landed it sketchy, and then dropped back into the trench and rode out. The actual width where I gapped was about 5’, (looks narrower on video) but then you have to add the 4-6" on each side that I started and landed on.

But I want to make it “official” by doing it in a more controlled environment, so I’ll set up pallets in my backyard and try for a clean 6’…and do it on my MUni. My new KH trials won’t get here for at least a week! :smiley:

10 feet was a bit of an exxageration… More like 7.

Pretty nice though. Drops always look a lot more impressive live, though there is nothing you can do about that, eh?

looks like fun…makes me wanna get a muni

Actually I UNDERestimated it! Cody measured it at closer to 12 feet! The actual face straight down was near 6 1/2 feet, but the sloped landing spot made it almost double that, and it slopes waaay down it is way steep! And yeah, there is no way the video shows the reality of that drop! It’s huge!

Ha! Love the lady(cyclist by the looks of it?) half way through the vid!

it was like 10 feet vertical. I am six and there was like another 3 at least where he landed it

Yeah it was massive! I’m going back there tomorrow to do just that drop, and also that pesky trench gap! And I’ll bring a tape measure to make it official! More footage yesh! :):stuck_out_tongue: :sunglasses: :smiley:

I still like mesuring verticle vs distance lol. Sorry for the late arse post I just saw the vid hahah! So Terry did you ever get the footage of hte other guys filmin us especially me flip drop?

Nope. I’m not surprised though it seems to always happen that way when someone films you and promises to send you the footage. Oh well.

great, that was a pleasure to watch. it looked really fun