Terry and his Video camera - Devil's Slide

Terry “Geezer MuniAddict” joined us on Devil’s Slide and I was so trashed from a long ride yesterday that about half way down the trail I suggested he break out the video camera so I could start loafing and film him instead of busting out moves. Having never videoed Muni before I was amazed how hard it is to get anything that remotely approximates the actual riding. In review, everything looks puny and flat and facile.

Devil’s Slide is only a moderate Muni trail, bumpy but gently angled (overall); but there’s a few harder bits and these looked totally simple (I only saw the playback in the camera). Makes me want to haul Terry out to G-Spot or Suicide Connector or some other steep ass, high-flying trail and do this thing right. Hat’s off to Dan Heaton and his vids. You really gotta work at the video thing to get much of anything that doesn’t look like easy money, or merely a clip reel of flashy tricks.

Terry’s riding well for someone who’s only been on a Muni for one year. I haven’t followed his other vids so I was pleasantly surprised by such progress from the old fart. You’ve gotta laud his enthusiasm. The rest of us can barely be bothered to take a few stills every month or so.


So is this a product review of Terry?

I definitely know what you mean about filming muni though. It’s nearly impossible to show how technical or steep some trails can be. A low camera angle does wonders.

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but everyone loves Terry Reviews;)

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