Tentative Nor-Sask Unicycle weekend plans June 6-8

I am currently cooking up plans for a unicycle weekend get-together in Northern Saskatchewan.

I know there are not many Saskies on these forums but those that are what do you think? Anybody willing to come up from Alberta or Manitoba?

It would be held in the Narrow Hills Provincial Park. I have not asked permission of the board yet but I plan on hosting it at St John Bosco Wilderness Camp, which I am director of this year. I should be able to provide free lodging and I might even be able to have meals cooked for us. There would be a minimal fee just to cover some costs.

People could start arriving on the Friday in the afternoon with the major events happening on Saturday and Sunday morning. Everyone would have to clear out on sunday after lunch.

There is a wide variety of things we could do for this weekend but the area lends itself mostly to XC Muni.

We have a Quonset which could be used for freestyle riding or if we have enough people we could attempt unicycle hockey or basketball, there are sticks and balls there. The quonset could also be a good place to go it it rains.

There are sometimes bike obstacles built behind the quonset and we could easily build us some more for a small trials course.

There are two terraced beaches which can be a fun challenge going up and down

There are many easy paths around camp and some more challenging ones the next lake over.

My favorite trail for XC Unicycling (and biking) is called the Esker trail. The trail follows the top of largest push moraine in the province and it is also the continental divide, the highest land around for many hundreds of km. With a 36er running 150s I can do about 75% of the trail and it takes me about 4 hours if I run the parts I can’t ride. The ride can be lengthened quite aa bit by taking some of the off trails. I highly recommend doing this trail coming up from the south and detouring to Odel Lake for the amazingly warm water and challenging rocky trail after.

If people are interested in doing an overnight trip we could ride the trans-Canada snowmobile trail from the Gem Lakes to Little Bear with a night at Bean lake.

Anyway if anybody has any comments or suggestions let me know. I will need help organizing this as I also have to have the camp ready for a new school group on Monday. I am going to try to get some support of a local alternate sports store for this event.

I don’t think there has ever been a real unicycle get-together in Saskatchewan and I hope to change that this summer.


Whoa, I totally missed this thread. Is this still a go, or did I miss another thread?


I have to put on a Wilderness and Remote First Aid course at camp that weekend, no other times to move it to. It probably wouldn’t have been big but it would have been fun to get some unicyclists up here. Maybe I could get some people together up here in August before it snows.