Tensiles vs. Moments

So, these new(I think?) Tensiles Onza cranks came out.

Has anyone tried them? What are the advantages/disadvantages?

How are they compared to Moments?

They are very commonly used in Bike Trials.

They should be quite a bit lighter than Moment cranks… though I have no clue of the weight… plus usually when you read weights from websites, it’s rounded off quite a fair amount, usually rounded down.

Strength… nobody will have to worry about that.

until there stuck in the middle of nowere with a snapped crank?

i have both

and i prefer the tensiles for trials. they are like 200g lighter than the moments and still very strong

if you have the money and wanna ride mostly trials then go for the Tensiles.

Well if you have seen Bike Trials riders do drops bigger than 10 feet, multiple times on 170mm Tensile cranks… I’m pretty sure the 140mm version will handle more than any Unicycle rider is ever going to put them through.

Although on an equal height drop, a unicyclist is going to put more stress on the cranks than a bike trials rider. (Edit: I just read that they are designed stronger to handle this stress.)

At 3 mm. longer than the KH 137’s there is a bit more tourque, better for trials.

How are they for Flatland? Crankrolls and things like that?


Though the shortness of our cranks definitely work in our favor, unicycle cranks take a lot more of a beating in drops (and hopping) than on a bike. When a trials bike lands a big drop (assuming good form), the rider will come down on the rear wheel and have lots more room to compress his body while he levers the bike to the ground. I have no idea how that translates into the amount of stress on the crank, but it’s definitely more spread out than a unicycle landing the same drop.

Bad, they aren’t the right shape. The best ISIS non Koxx cranks for flatland right now are the Qu-ax cromo ISIS.

I think I might get some qu0ax 100mm for my street uni.

Niles said that they flip very very good, because they are so light.
For standing on the cranks they are ok, as they have a little q-factor.

For street i would say go for he KH or the Quax ISIS (i’ve never ridden the Quax ISIS though… but they look great)

i bend my Tensiles today… they are still rideable


That’s pretty intense considering I have never read about anyone bending Tensiles before, even on bikes.

Most bikes do not even need splined hubs though, because the force going into their cranks when they land a drop is a lot different then how much force we put into a drop.

never tried Tensiles but Moments are sick!

I understand that, but the new style Tensiles have been around a lot longer than the ones on Unicycles, more people have them by far.

I believe the new style ones have been around since early 2006.

Bleh, just post how they bent. Pictures.

The right crank is twisted a bit. You wont see it in the pictures. The clearance from the frame to the left crank is about 2 mm less than the clearance from the right crank to the frame (if my frame is straight though… dont know that)

I think i bent it during the longjump competition… cause when i land i put all the preasure in the right pedal (my pedal on the back) to brake

When i do drops or gaps i mostly do a rollout or brake with a half rev (my left pedal in the back then)

How much do you weigh and how big was the gap? I am thinking of getting these cranks, so any help would be appreciated.

About 70kg

the gap was 2,10m on flat (longjump competition) and the landing was very very bad… my rim is out of true too (i dont count rims anymore… its like 3 month = 1 rim)

I will ride them till they are not rideable anymore and then switch back to my KH or maybe i’ll give the Quax ISIS ones a try… i dont know

did you feel it on landing?