Tensile Cranks (140mm) testing:

At first I thought these were flimsy cranks. At a little over 400 grams, it points that way. I was sure they were going to bend at any moment, but I wanted to see how they did!

I have jumped a 9 sets, done a few six foot drops (to flat), and some not to clean 8ft rolling gaps (between sticks). I’m a 160 lbs.

These things are still straight.

The verdict:
Great if you are a smooth trials rider who does not do any massive drops. If you weigh over 180lbs, I’d probably go with moments. The added reinforcements for unitrials seems to be working.

Unicycle product reviews.

thats great to here, im glad you posted it here because i would have never looked in product reviews.


p.s got the package, wearing the shirt! applied a sticker. thanks man