Tennis Shoe Unicycles. Experience anyone?

Whenever I look in on the Unicycle Factory Website I’m drawn again to those tennis shoe unicycles–the ones where the “wheel” has spokes that end in tennis shoes, rather than a rim or tire.

How hard are these to ride? Are they usually 20 inch or does anyone have experience with larger diameters?

How about shoes other than tennis shoes. My wife thinks I’d have to have a “loafer”.

David Maxfield

Once rode a 24"

They are NOT hard to ride, but not very comfortable for you b*tt.
Especially not if you are hired to ride around for hours on this uni.

I believe Darren Bedford has one and Sem may have one. I’m sure there are others spread out throughout the US. If you want to try one you may have to plan a road trip. :slight_smile:

Those shoe wheel unicycles are quite interesting novelty unicycles. The kind of strange novelty unicycle that sticks out. Probably a real eye-catcher for a parade.

I too would like to try one just to see what it’s like to ride one.

Here’s a picture of Darren on his.

is idling/backwards possible on one of those?
wheel walking would be interesting

Depends mostly on the rider.

me on a 6 feet unicycle made by Semcycle:


I have a friend right up the road that has one but I have never tried to ride it…I gotta give is a shot sometime.

His is old and made out of thick steel, the things gotta weigh a good 30+ pounds!

Here’s it is

Is that Mark Lippard?

This is the most current model of semcycle.
It can be used both as direct driven as well as giraffe.


Yep, that be the 15’ Giraffe riding man!! :smiley:

I have an alt.:


Re: Tennis Shoe Unicycles. Experience anyone?

On Mon, 9 Aug 2004 13:13:15 -0500, “leo” wrote:

>I have an alt.:

Now that is great. How many feet are there all around? Do you beat the
world record of Sem on his 115 ft unicycle? (Supposing the tyre would
be yours and on a uni.)

Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

I like the idea of not having to balance when out on a ride - joe

i have to make a giraffe out of oe of those…