Tennis Elbow from Unicycling

It was bad enough to get tendinitis in my left ankle/shin from the Lobster. That went away after a few weeks. Then I started feeling tingling and getting occasional numbness in my left arm, esp’ly around my elbow. The doctor’s verdict: Tennis Elbow.

Am I the only person ever to get tennis elbow from unicycling?

Apparently this came about from my use of the Wyganofsky extension on my guni. I happen to find the extension comfortable and indispensable, but from riding for a total of about 15 hours in 5 days, I guess I put a lot of strain on that left elbow, not to mention the riding that went into the training ahead of time. The 85% century that I rode this past Sunday didn’t help much either.

So I’m supposed to wear a sling and take anti-inflammatories (super-ibu) until it goes away on its own. And I’m not supposed to unicycle. Well, at least not with the extension. Bummer for me.

I think this is from talking on your cell phone and eating sushi while riding the unicycle. Cut out those extraneous activities and I think you can continue to ride and the tendinitis will take care of itself. Trust me…I know a lot of doctors.

Also it’s probably okay to ride if you don’t hold the handle.

Then, you might want to think about putting some kind of padding on that nasty old thing?


Oh, yeah, Harper. And the doctor found some tendinitis in my ass from some old tattoo I once had there.

Odd. That was tendinitis?

I don’t think the Tendonitis is from Unicycling.

Lay off the Pr0n.