Tendonitis from an extention?

My left elbow has been hurting, and I think I figured out the reason: My unicycle extentions. Yes, I have unicycle elbow.

I have Wyganofsky extentions on both my Coker and my 29" Schlumpf. I rode hard for an hour yesterday. I hold my extention in my left hand. This morning my elbow was hurting me. I think it was because of the extention.

Has anyone had this problem before?

I have tried switching hands, but I’m nowhere near as confident or skilled with the extention in my right hand. I’ve also tried holding it in both hands, but then I’m afraid I’ll lose my balance.

This only happens on rides where I’m really pushing myself to go fast, but I’m training for The Lobster, so this could be a problem.

Oh, and how long till the pain goes away?

I’ve had a sore arm from holding the handle (regular, not extension) doing long technical muni rides. Switching arms helps, and also trying to keep the holding arm as relaxed as possible, though that’s not easy when your pulling for leverage.

On my 36er road rides (with handles - see pic below) I favor my right hand, but try to use other hand or, best of all, both hands when I feel the holding hand/arm getting tense or sore.

Are you compressing any nerves in the palm of your hand by the way you are gripping the handlebar?

Some people like the grip the handlebar so that the bar runs through the valley at the base of the palm (by the wrist). That can compress some nerves and blood vessels. Bicyclists who have a funky grip on the barends of a MTB or on the brake hoods of a road bike can have that problem. It can result in numb hands or a numb forearm or carpal tunnel like symptoms. I don’t think it would affect the elbow though unless you are doing some strange elbow corrections to compensate to prevent the numbness.

I don’t think I’m doing that. I’ll have to check that idea out tom’w.

I should have mentioned that I never had this problem with the same extention on my Coker, even after riding 102 miles in a day, using the ext a lot. I also didn’t have it after a long ride a couple years ago with the guni. Maybe it’s just age!

Holy Moley!