Tenderizr pins

Hi, I was looking at some Primo Tenderizers today to put on my trials uni, but I wasn’t sure about the pins. They seem to screw in from the underside of the pedal- does this mean they loose pins easily on crank/pedal grabs etc? I’ve lost some on Wellgos before… but hey they were Wellgos, I don’t know if I’ll have the same problem with the Primos.

Thanks a lot,

Oh yeah, has anyone tried Azonic A-Frames on their uni? I have some, but the pins look a little long for crank/pedal grabs (don’t wanna bend em), but are grippy, so I may whack em on my muni, what do ya reckon? Ok for trials?

I use the primo tenderizers on my trials rig. I love 'em! I have done many many a nasty pedal grab and grinds without any sign of losing a pin. These pedals are tough and grippy. I’d definitely recommend them. I actually had to make a grind plate in order to successfully grind on them because they are so good at what they do.

Go for it!

(im kinda curious how the pins do come out. Anyone know?)

Cool! Thanks Mango. No need to loctite them then? How did you attach the grind plate? Screws or weld?

Nope, no loctite. I’m sure it wouldnt hurt though. Mine have been going strong for nearly a couple years.

Heres the link to the grindplate thing:


They’re just bolted on. Ask away if you have any questions. :smiley:

The A-frames are good for MUni and road riding because they have excellent grip in all kinds of weather. They are not really suitable for trials or street riding.