Tender Flesh

Yes, I used to cut a rectangular hole in the middle of my foam inserts in the Miyata seats. Something like 1" wide and 3-4" long. Yes the cover may be stretched tight, but the cover doesn’t support your weight… :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not the seat, all seats are uncomfortable when new AND esp. when you are a new rider.

Padded bike shorts, my favorite is by Hoss. You will get more comfortable with time. I remember when I started riding, I thought I’d never get over the discomfort. Now, other than the occassional pinch, it’s not a problem.

If you get a rash, try some hyperglide, it’s sold in running shops, great for any area with a lot of friction :slight_smile:

I disagree. My modified old school KH is pretty comfy, I don’t feel discomfort riding with it for 2-3 hours, I only last half as long on other saddles and some are uncomfortable right from the get-go.

Cutting a grove in the foam really does help. All my saddles have a grove or hollowed out section cut down the middle to relieve pressure. The LX saddle cover is actually really easy to remove and put back on so modifying the foam should not be a problem.

John is right, you probably should not put pedals on without a spanner/wrench. It is just sort of cool that they tighten themselves while riding. Screw them on by hand then use the spanner to tighten up the connection.

If you can’t screw them in by hand DO NOT CRanK THEM ON WITH A WRENCH, something is wrong, they are cross threaded, backwards or damaged. If you tighten it like that you will damage the cranks and pedals.

When I got home from riding the Torker I found the pedals on the Nimbus nice and tight. My husband is a mechanic and brought home a wrench from work that fit. I wore padded bike shorts with knee/shin protection, wrist protection and a helmet and was able to ride a little over a mile. What a difference.

After that ride on the Torker, I started messing around with the Nimbus. It took a little bit to hop on and go, but it was SO MUCH more comfortable. It cruised faster and felt cushy. I only rode it for a short distance. It’s harder in some ways and easier in some ways. I have a feeling the Torker will become my daughter’s.

My biggest issue now is when my foot doesn’t land on the pedal just right. I can’t move my foot while riding so I have to start over. It doesn’t happen all the time, but it happens more often than I like.

That will change shortly. I had the same thing, Im sure we all did.

I cross threaded a pedal once just by screwing it on by hand. :angry: Be careful when installing pedals.