Tender Flesh

I tried doing a search, but came up with nothing. Maybe I’m just not doing it right. Anyway after practicing for 1-2 hours/day my crotch (actually the pubic area) is somewhat tender. I am leaning forward and most of my weight is forward. My butt doesn’t hold as much weight in the seat.

Is there something I can do to make the seat (Torker lx) more comfortable in that area?

wow…i’m not sure what to say…

I guess it will toughen up after awhile, or just where thicker pants and boxers

I’ve read from people that the torker lx has a terrible seat, so that might be playing a factor. You could always replace the seat or purchase some padded biking shorts. Either way keep me posted on how you solve this, I just ordered a torker lx 24 today, so i’m interested in a solution.

Put more weight on your rear end and get bike shorts, they do wonders for men but should help you too.

I have a torker LX, and the seat is pretty bad. If you are sticking with that uni get a new seat and youll need a new seatpost too.

In the meantime you could try what I did here 20 min Torker LX miyata style seat mod
It didnt make it too much better, maybe for you and air mod would be better.
But like I said just spring for a new seat and post if you arent hard on cash, itll only be like $50-60 shipped

That would not be desirable for her or her mate :astonished:

try tilting the seat up as far as it will go, this should force you to sit a bit further back on the saddle.

I rode an LX saddle for a short time to see if it is as bad as people make it out to be and it is. A new style seat makes a huge difference. No seat is perfect but most agree (me included) that a KH fusion freeride is the closest anyone has gotten with a stock saddle.

Perhaps some gentle balm would comfort your area.

Mr. Saskatchewanian’s observation is very wise.

Padded bike shorts help.

A Nimbus seat is much better, and I like the KH Freestyle seat even more. Did you have a Nimbus on order?

There was a recent thread about comfortable seats for women, but I do not have the link.

I did have a Nimbus on order. It arrived yesterday. Dying to try it out. It looks pretty overwhelming. I’m having trouble getting the pedals on as my wrenches are too fat to fit between the frame and pedal. I’ll swing it by a bike shop after work and see if they’ll tighten it up for me. I don’t have a grinder or I would just grind the wrench thinner. Drat. Oh well, it forces me to have more patience.

I had a tender problem with my seat on my Sun…replaced it with a KH Freestyle seat and my butt has been thanking ever since. But you will have to change out the post and seat for torker.


Don’t use jeans with a thick seam where you sit, but some softer trousers.

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One of the cool things about pedals is that they are self tightening as you ride. I have put pedals on by hand a few times with no problems but you will need a wrench to get them off.

First order of business: Padded bike shorts. Bike shorts make a huge difference.

Second order of business: Complain about the seat. Hmm. Not too many years ago, that was the best seat you could get! Or maybe not. It’s the Miyata design, but a few years ago the manufacturing of those seats went from Japan to China and there may have been more than cosmetic changes. Back in the 80s & 90s we would add extra foam under the seat cover, which helped. Those seats tend to have rather prominent top edges and the extra foam took a bit of the edge off.

Third order of business: New seat. Nimbus and KH are essentially the same seat, though there are many different sub-models. One of my favorites of those is an early “regular” KH seat that just seems to have the right mix of foam with a great cover.

Fourth order of business: You’re still a beginner. Your body is only starting to get used to the idea of being on a unicycle, and as a beginner you’re still probably using a lot more energy than necessary to have a controlled ride. Your body will mostly get used to it.

But not the crotch. Due to the sitting position and pelvic angle you get on a regular unicycle, there doesn’t seem to be a known “good” way to make it really comfortable. In other words, investing in a new seat will not be a mistake after your body gets used to riding. :slight_smile:

Lastly, consider getting an inexpensive pedal wrench if you plan on doing lots of unicycling. It’s just a skinny wrench with a longer handle and will make your life easier. I don’t recommend saskatchewanian’s approach for beginners, until you’re really sure you don’t have the pedals on the wrong sides. If this happens and they aren’t screwed in tight, you might ruin the threads in your cranks within minutes.

About the pedal wrench…go to a pawn shop and pull one out of the big bins of loose tools. Then go to the bikes they are selling and make sure it fits the pedals in the store. A thinner (cheaper) 15mm wrench will fit you pedals fine. I just went to the pawn shop and got all the tools I need to work on a unicycle (except the crank puller) for under $5. Can’t beat the deal.

I find a normal wrench, or box wrench in the 9/16" size works great for pedals. I imagine a cone wrench would also work.

He he he.
This is a box wrench:

I would not recommend them for putting a pedal on.:slight_smile:

You want an Open-Ended wrench, and a thin one as you have learned.

Thanks for all the great advice on both the seat and the pedal wrench. I do have bike shorts. I’ll use those first.

I know that I can take apart my motorcycle seat and thin the foam for lower seat height and then put it back together. I’m wondering if I can take apart the unicycle seat and cut foam out to create a sort of donut effect under the cover up toward the front. My mountain bike seat is one of those that is hollow in the middle. It has made so much difference.

You could take some foam from the middle but the cover would still be stretched tight and might not make a difference.
Check out Muniaddict "terry"s post on his latest coker seat mod.
He deepened the channel in the middle then glue and velcroed it.

raising the front like Eric said is the best Idea, Im going to try that tonight.
Just take off the seat and put a couple washers between the seatbase and the post in the front and bolt it back on.

Hey! I feel short-changed…

With that moniker/avatar I was expecting a link to a Himalayian monestry that makes bespoke unicycle seats woven from twigs and yak hair to your exact specification for $2…

Gurus these days. Sheeesh.:smiley:

Oh lol. I would know better than do that. I heard a guy refer to one of those normal wrenches as a box wrench. I guess he was talking about the other end.

I’ve thought many a time about making such a mistake. Today I actually thought of doing it then taking a picture, just for fun.

“Quick-Release Pedals!” :):slight_smile: