Tenacious Trials!

Back doing 19" trials after putting it off for years! Very hard getting back into it but perseverance pays off! And I figured that if I make it to NAUCC next year, I should at least be able to do this stuff! Everything in this video took many, MANY tries to get each thing. Just kept at it, and feel like this was my best trials session yet. Hope you like it. This one took lots of work and I think I lost a good 5 pounds during filming! :open_mouth: :slight_smile: (Y)

Very inspirational to us older beginners. Weโ€™re not over the hill yet, were merely working our way round it.

Thanks Tinbox. Or as I like to say, โ€œlife is a lot like trials unicycling; itโ€™s not about avoiding the obstacles, but meeting them head on, and overcoming them!โ€ :smiley: