Ten days of unicycling (my wife :)

Goooood day everyone!

Let me introduce my wife - Elena :slight_smile:

She started to learn unicycling and here is her 10 days progress:

That’s impressive progress after just 10 days. About 3 more days and she’ll be way better than me.

That is WAY amazing, for only 10 days! That gal will have mad skills before you know it! Congrats to you both, that is just great!

Thats mind-blowing for 10 days! :astonished: So comfortable and controlled.

Wish i was as natural at it as that, i was happy just to be able to ride at all after 10 days. How did you practice? any tips?

Thanks a lot to all of you!

Tips for this… I think yes:

Main thing was inspiration, after we went to Vyborg unifest my wife saw girls riding unis and decided that she want to ride as well. Ok.
Must say that she was trying several times on QA luxus with no success - never let her hand be off the wall. We sold that uni.

Now I made uni of some spares I have. Installed 125mm cranks (it were 114 on luxus and I think they are way too short for learning). 2.5" tire are better for learning as well.
On the first session she rode holding wall but I insist to start riding from the wall - she started trying and succeeded.
Then I made small list with tasks for her like - turns on both sides, freemount, graceful dismount, riding with hand on saddle bumper and hops. All of them were shown explained and practicing every training session.

I hope she will not stop riding :slight_smile: