Tempurpedic Saddle

Has anyone ever made a tempurpedic saddle? Tempurpedic is the stuff designed by nasa that like never loses its ability to puff back up. I sleep on one of the pillows and i think it would make a pretty sweet saddle, softer than foam, but not quite an air saddle


This has come up before in these discussions. I think the general consensus was that because it compresses so much, it wouldn’t be very soft.

has anyone actually TRIED it before?
no one would know unless it actually was tried…

yea, you wouldn’t excatly be able to use a thin strip, because then it would just sink to nothing, prolly like 2 inches


I thought about this once. If you call their number on their infomercial(I can’t spell) it says you can get a sample peice of their foam…I thought if a I got a lot of those I could put together a nice seat:) instead of slicing open a $1000+ bed. Of coarse…I’ll never do it.

hmm… FREE samples?
i just might have to try this…

i just checked their site, and the piece of foam is about half as long, and about twice as wide as a normal VHS video tape. you’d only need two or three to fit inside a KH Fusion…

That’s about the same as a normal VHS video tape, about an inch longer and half in inch skinnier.

I don’t think a saddle made with Tempurpedic foam would give the right kind of comfort for longer rides. It would probably be comfortable to sit on initially, but would become uncomfortable for longer rides. You don’t want a saddle that you sink into. When you sink into a saddle it puts pressure on the soft tissues between your sit bones. That is exactly what you do not want to have happen if you are trying to prevent the numbing kind of feeling from long periods in the saddle. Soft saddles are nice initially but become more uncomfortable the longer you sit on them.

The better idea is to use a foam that is firm enough that your sit bones support your weight and not your soft tissues. I think the KH foam is just about right for that compromise. I don’t think you’re going to find a foam that does a better job than the KH foam. The KH saddle curve leaves some room for improvement, but the foam itself is about as good as we’re going to get.

i’m still going to try it. I just decided.
maybe put a bit of tempurpedic foam OVER some stiffer foam? kind of like those fake tempurpedic matresses that are really regular matresses with about an inch or two of the tp foam over them?

i’m going to expirement with this… i’ve just ordered a bunch of the samples… i’ll see what size they really are, and i’ll see how they work on a saddle.

I think the foam on top of an airseat would be rad.

I have one of the 2inch think matress toppers, and it is ill comfy

Maybe I’ll cut a corner off it and slap it on my airseat

But then my mom would kick my ass

I was thinking the same thing… and the same thought occured.

If you put the tempurpedic under a thin layer of gel and over air i think that would be ideal.