Temple University Unicycling

just me and my friends up at school unicycling.
Ive been doing tricks for 6 months
john learned how to ride 6 months ago
and brandon has been unicycling for like 3 days. he learned in only like 2 hours

really nice vid, you guys are pretty good for riding such a short time
and he learned unicycling in 2 hours :astonished: , that’s really fast

yup, hes gonna be better than both of us soon lol

You’re getting good. Scuff coast was very nice even without the landing :stuck_out_tongue:
How much time do you have to practice at school?

lol we never get time to film! weather is always bad, or im away for the weekend or hav and exam so that was the best scuff coast i could get in 5 min of trying. and i have never gotten back to the pedals before. it was about to rain so we were hurrying up. and i have landed fulloutspins but the freaking battery died and when it was done charging it started to rain so i said screw it and made the video anyways. So to answer you i dont get too much time to unicycle. =[ id do anything to go back in time and learn when i was younger. i try and get out there every day if at all possible even if its only for a little bit.

Word. That’s pretty much what I do.

Sometimes I wish I had started at like 13, but then I probably would have gotten tired of it or something. There aren’t that many people around who have been riding continuously for 20 years.