TelluRIDE MountainFilm and Muni Festival

Last weekend, we attended the 26th annual MountainFilm Festival in Telluride, Colorado. It’s the largest festival of mountain related films in the US and they’ve played Unicycle videos like Into the Thunder Dragon and Unizaba in years past. There is a large and active community of unicycle riders in Telluride, perhaps the largest density of riders anywhere? I don’t know the actual count of riders, but the population of the town is only 2000 and seeing someone riding a unicycle there is VERY common.

Beau and I brought our Munis and got out several times on the local trails. Megumi went riding everyday on her Coker. There were a couple of interesting events as part of the festival too: a Unicycle Hockey game on Main St (sponsored by Honry Toad), and a clinic/demo given by Kris Holm and Hans ‘No Way’ Rey. This demo must have been a little strange for Hans Rey as it was two unicyclists and one biker, and unicyclists outnumbered bikers in the audience by 10 to 1 or so. He put on a fantastic show though - a true professional. He and Kris alternated explaining techniques and tricks. They were later joined by local rider John Sapp for the demonstration. Even with such an amazing biker as Hans Rey, John and Kris made sure the audience saw that unicycles can pretty much match bikes as far as impressive and technical riding.

We went on several Muni rides with and without the local riders but didn’t by any means get to sample all the great trails. This area would be awesome for a Muni weekend sometime.

Here are some photos.