tell me what this trick is called

I flip the unicycle as if im going to do a 180 unispin but i stop halfway through plant my feet on the tire then twist back down and land back on the pedals… ? what is this ?

Unispin to tire stand?

yes except i dont do the whole 180 i just do half and then after i do the tire stand i instantly switch it back and land back on the pedals

ehh … that was a little confusing

90 Unispin to tire stand.

thats it? sure?
me spinning back to the pedals is a whole different trick?

am i doing two different tricks?

90 unispin to tire stand
and then tire stand to 90 uni spin?


if you’re spinning the unicycle in the same direction to get back on to your pedals, then the trick is called a 90-90 unispin. If you’re spinning the unicycle in the opposite direction to get back to the pedals, then your doing a 90 unispin to blind 90 unispin.

happy bday dunawan !!!

lol thanks

thx for the help guys