Tell me if I'm going ok.

Today I pretty much landed my first 180 unispin!!

Except I didn’t properly land it due to my shoes being wet and my feet slipping off the peddles. However, my feet were stable on the peddles and they were on, but they slipped off.

I’ve been properly riding with my own uni for almsot 3 weeks now and I’m expecting to completely land my 180 unispin tommorow.

So how am i going? Am I advancing quickly?

Also I’d like to ask what trick I should practise next? And/or where i can find a guide for it?

your doing good.

cmon people… more feedback

You’re doing great. Keep on riding.

Took me more than half a year to land my first unispin.

learn leg arounds.

and varials.

and 90 degree unispins

and unispins from seat in

You’re doing really well and progressing at a phenomenal rate.

But no one likes a smart arse.

Don’t mind me.
I’m just jealous.

I was just thinking the same thing

IUF skills list
Street skills list

You’re a slow learner. My first week I could ride a figure 10.

(kidding, you’re doing great, but you know that).

you’re doing well.

go to the tutorial section, watch lots of vids over and over again to see how people do their tricks…then learn some of the tricks…
make sure you learn how to ride backwards or u will shoot yourself later…
i still dont know how to ride backwards more than a few pedals and ive been riding almost 9months…
keep practicing your uni spins…

Awwww… you beat me to it.

You’re doing great. You should put up a video.

You’re progressing nicely. I’ve known how to ride for 1 and a half years and can’t unispin.