Tell me I bought the right uni?

About two weeks ago I bought a used 20in. no-name uni for a mere $45. Being new to the whole uni scene I thought this was a good way to start. So I started practicing in a hallway in my apt complex clubhouse. After reading some posts it was recommended to start with a low seat height. After I was able to ride about 3-5 revolutions I thought, now is the time to raise the seat. Low and behold, there was only 1in. of seatpost engagement with no option to raise the seat. At that point i decided to give this uni to my girlfriend who is 5ft, and me being 6’1". I did some research and decided on the Torker 24" LX. I’m primarily going to use it for light muni and potential commuting. Is this a good uni to start with?

my friend got the same excact one when he was starting and it was perfect for him, but if you plan to do trails or muni your gonna wanna step it up, but for just begginging its good =p

For light muni with no huge drops, the LX is perfect, its nice and light and can fit a tire up to 2.125 inches wide. For commuting its faster than walking, but you would get to your destination much quicker on a larger wheel, although it would not be as versatile as the 24".

You bought the right uni.

I agree. It was my first uni and worked out well.

The uni sounds fine.

You could get another seatpost, but then you and your girlfriend would only have one between you.

You should definitely buy another :smiley:


sounds like you made the right choice…i started on a 20" norco and it was even faster than walking for commuting so a 24" would be better i presume.

You not only bought the right uni, you did it twice! You’re very lucky to have gotten yourself a unicycling partner for only $45! Good luck to both you and your girlfriend…!

(That’s TWO more of us and two less of them!!!)