tell me how

I never tried a seat drag but,

find a smooth rail , use both hands,-- when you get better, use one hand on the rail.

shin guards recommended

that’s how I did it. incredible leg workout.

wean i seat drag it throws me off beacus it drags funney and yes i can unicycle

well can you ride SIF really well? like, able to hold it with your pinky at full arm’s length? if so, i’d get a UW and follow the same steps you used to learn to unicycle, like critter said. if not, well, you know what to do.

The bigger the wheel, the easier it is to learn/ride (I first learned on a 36")

Trey and keep your center of gravity at the same height. That is, don’t bop up and down each time you pedal.

If you use a big enough wheel you can grab onto the tire to help you pull yourself onto it, then push it away from you as you start pedalling to build up momentum.

Hope that helps.

where did you get that 36"er from?


Mal had it at the Chiltern muniuni weekend a while back.

buy an UW its much easier than a unicycle wheel. you could always take off the frame and try ride just the wheel and cranks.

can you make a rim out of steel somehow?

well a lot of rims are made of steel so im guessing you can.

yeah but like a home project kind of thing

yea it would be easy i rekon. you jsut need the right tools and knowledge to do it.

could you get some steel tubing, and bend it to be 36" diametre

that would give you the rim, but it would be weird to try and get a tyre on it, let alone a tube. hmmmm. if you did it you’d have a big round piece of tubing, then i guess you could just coat the outside of it with some rubber or something.

putting a rubber thingy over the outside wouldn’t be that great. it would wear done really quickly and it wouldnt give you any suspension at all. i recommend actually buying a 36" wheel.

yeah but that costs loads of money. it wouldnt wear down quickly at all, and the spring in the tyre isn’t called suspension by the way.

well it would be so much better to buy a wheel. it wouldn’t screw up and would be so much better.

it wouldnt be better, this way would cost maybe 30 bucks, to buy the wheel would be well over 200. i dont think the quality difference is worth that much money tom, thus, it is not better.

yea but the wheel would be better. the wheel would be made by professionals. i’m 100% sure that would be better than yours.

if by better you mean quality, then yes, it would be loads better, however, mine will be loads better in price because it will be loads cheaper.

my UW will be better because it is within my budget, and i get the satisfaction of making it.

it won’t be satisfiing when you break it though.

i highly doubt i will break it, HIGHLY.

i havent broken anything i’ve welded together yet, and they’re all still going strong.

back on topic, i say dont hold a pole or anything when you’re learning, just start and go out into the open.