Telford Owners--Upgrade questions

Hi all–

I ride a relatively “stock” Telford that I bought probably in '99 or ‘00. It has a 26" rim (Sun Doublewide), 2.6 Gazz, and 170 cranks on a Suzue hub custom-hardened by Geoff Farraghan (the maker of the Telfords). It also has a pivot-point suspension seatpost (Thudbuster, I think), and an air saddle (Miyata base, GB4 stiffener, Reeder handle, Roach cover). It’s served me well, and I don’t have any issues with it. I don’t do anything particularly aggressive–I hop up and down steps, and do drops in the <3’ range, but that’s about it–but ride pretty rough trails regularly. I guess you’d say I’m a cross-country rider, primarily.

That said, I’ve been hearing some regular “tink” sounds lately. I thought it was probably either a pedal or a spoke, but maintenance on both of these areas didn’t take care of the sound. The cranks are still solidly on the wheel, nothing’s bent that I can see, but I’m wondering if the wheel is going to need replacement soon. Have others upgraded their Telford frames with more modern wheelsets? I have no idea if there might be compatibility issues or not, or what might be the best upgrade path.

I see a few possibilities. I could replace the hub/cranks/rim/tire piecemeal as I run into problems. I wondered about using the UDC “wide” hub, which seems to be pretty similar to the hub I currently have (and which has served me well so far), but don’t know if anybody can say anything about its quality/suitability. If I go splined, I’ll probably also go cheap (Qu-Ax). If I end up rebuilding/building a new wheel, I suspect I’ll go to a 24/3 setup.

Anyway, I’m wondering what other Telford owners have done to upgrade their munis, and if anyone who has one of these curvy beauties can shed light on things I ought to be considering. I really don’t want to upgrade to an entirely new uni, as I really like how light the Telford is and how carefully and lovingly it was crafted. Any advice?


I have basically the same setup on my Pashley frame. I’d love to work on your uni or rebuild your wheel, or whatever… contact me if you’d like.