Telford MUni

All the links I can find to pages about the telford muni dont seem to be working. Does anyone know of an up and running site where I can get pictures and info about it?


Rick Else

The guy(sorry, I forgot his name - it’s been two years since I met him) who made the Telford lost the shop he was working in when his boss was going through a divorce two years ago. Not sure what’s going on now. But he might be at CMW.

Geoffery (Telford) Faraghan was the maker. With the loss of his preferred source of labor to build the frames, I don’t think he has plans to make more in the future. Sad, as they are beutiful frames. Yes, Geoff will be at MUni Weekend!

They sure are, and even (or especially) if they won’t be made again, they deserve part of a chapter in the Evolution of Muni book. It would be great if one of the literate CA guys with some knowledge of the history, access to one of the extant Telfords, and a digital camera would do a little write-up and gallery on it.

I’ll volunteer to take the pics, as there will certainly be several of them “in the wild” at Tahoe this weekend. Someone else that has ridden one (down a volcano) and lived some of the history should supply the words.