Telford frame

Would someone please post a picture of a Telford frame? I’m curious aobut the design.

(I know someones going to tell me to use the search feature, but I’ve tried and am having a lot of trouble finding a picture.)


Nathan Hoover has a couple of photos of his Telford in his unicycles gallery at Webshots: Nathan’s unicycles. Go to page 2 of the gallery to see the Telford.

I’ll attach a vintage photo of a Telford. It’s from the days before the discovery of the 3" wide Gazz. You can also see the Thudbuster Uni Pivot seatpost shock that the Telford frame was designed for. That’s why the seatpost is angled back the way it is, so the Uni Pivot shock moves downwards. Bike seatposts are angled back and the Uni Pivot was designed for the bike geometry. The Telford had to match that geometry to make it work right.


Thas a cool looking uni there…but its a bit too flashy

Here are some photos of my Telford. Can a unicycle be too flashy?


Woops! too big.


how do you ride that is it harder then normal? :thinking:

I got a couple of tips from one of Kris Holm’s workshops.

  1. When balancing on a rail, try to keep your weight over the wheel.

  2. When doing a still stand, try to keep the wheel beneath you.

(I may have gotten these reversed.)

Seriously, riding a Telford is no different at all. Your center of gravity is the same.

The reason Geoffrey used the sloping top tube was to put suspension posts at the angle they were made for. The other reason was easthetic. They are beautiful machines.


Re: Telford frame

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With respect to the seatpost, the seat angle looks normal. But with
respect to the straight line to the wheel, the upwards angle is
humongous. Don’t you tend to just slip off backwards?

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me wantee!!!

I first saw/rode a telford in 98. I have wanted one ever since. Any one want to trade for a kh24?

Those Telfords got around. Here’s a photo of Geoffrey (Telford) Faraghan on the Great Wall of China shooting a VERY hung over Bruce Bundy riding a Telford in 2000.