Telford 26er Muni

I have a Telford 26er muni that’s just been hanging in my garage for the last several years, and it deserves a new home. I spend almost all my time on my 29er or 36er any more, and my kids have their own munis, so something’s gotta go.


  • Frame: Telford, 4130 ChroMo, handmade by Geoff Farraghan in 1999; some paint chips, but no dings--it's in good condition
  • Hub: Custom heat-treated square-taper muni hub (original with muni)
  • Rim: Sun Mammoth
  • Cranks: Sugino, 170 mm and 140 mm
  • Tire: Nokian Gazz Junior, 26 x 2.6, well worn but still has life
  • Seat(s) & Seatposts: KH Freeride Fusion w/rail adapter and no-name aluminum seatpost, & Miyata airseat with yellow Roach cover, right-hand Reeder handle, and Thudbuster uni-pivot seatpost
  • Seatpost clamp: Salsa Fliplock
  • Pedals: Wellgo (or similar generic) pinned platforms

I know original price paid has little relevance to what something is worth down the line, but this was something like $900 when I bought it new. It’s a beautiful frame (in my opinion, anyway), and a really light and maneuverable muni in good working condition. It’s a relatively tall frame, and with the generic seatpost setup is probably suitable for a rider with a 30" inseam. With the Thudbuster, you probably need to have a 32" inseam to ride it.

I’d like to get $200 for this old beast, plus shipping (probably around $30 or so). Anybody interested? I’m also trying to sell this locally, and it’ll go on eBay if no one here wants it. I’d like to sell it to someone who actually appreciates the craftsmanship that went into it.

The picture below is not my muni, but it’s what it looked like when I bought it. I can post pictures of the actual muni if people are interested.

I’ll Take It.

Sold. A local rider who wants to try muni out bought it. I think I’ll ask for right of first refusal if he decides to get rid of it!

Thanks, though, PDC, for your offer! I have more stuff I’ll be posting soon.