Television show needs video footage

I received the following email message (which I am assuming to be legitimate):

I’m a representative of the Emmy-nominated television drama, “The West Wing,”
which is shown on the primetime channel, NBC. The show is about the daily
exploits of the U.S. President, played by Martin Sheen, and his loyal staff (Rob
Lowe, Allison Janney, John Spencer, etc.). Our production is interested in using
video playback of unicycling games/tournaments to be broadcasted on a TV monitor
on our set. According to the storyline, Martin Sheen’s presidential character is
very interested in sporting events that are not usually represented in
mainstream media. He has an appreciation for unique ventures and loves to
discover new pursuits. Our show is looking for a minimum of about 1-2 minutes of
footage that would be part of the set as our cast acts out the filmed scene. The
footage would need to be free of licensing fees and other charges. Also, we’d
prefer if the footage had been previously broadcasted on another venue. Finally,
any tapes that you might send us would be immediately returned to you. Please
let me know if you can help us with this situation. I look forward to speaking
with you about this matter.

Any suggestions?

Scott Arnold, Secretary, Unicycling Society of America

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Jody, Vjera, Luke, Hope, Thad, and Simon Arnold: The local unicycling family in
Springfield, Oregon.