TELESCOPIC seatpost for 36er ?

Hi, I have a little problem, I have 36er QuAx Unicycle and I use it for long distances with saddle high, but also for light offroad (similar paths as those on the beginning of this Coker vid ) where I need to sit as low as possible but on 36er is that tube where the seat post is fitted very short, so now I have two seatposts with different lenghts, but change seatpost and saddle every different type of ride is pain, so I need telescopic seatpost, something like this one below but with 25,4 diameter and for unicycle saddle… :thinking: … sorr for my english :wink:

any suggestions?? :stuck_out_tongue:

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A dropper post on a uni is an interesting idea. At the moment I’m not aware of any off the shelf droppers for unicycles. So, you would have to rig something yourself. How much difference is there between your high and low saddle positions?

An easier solution to fabricate would be a post extension like the ones Miyata used to sell. It would mean carrying the piece when you were in the low position, but it wouldn’t take more than a minute to swap between sizes.

Hii, thks for reply, i saw miyata post extension but is pretty hard to find that in specific lenght for me…the difference between high and low position is cca 10cm…soo I will have to invent something by myself :smiley:

Ask your local Unicycle dealer!
You need 25,4mm (1") on the outside.
Buy a normal 22,2mm seatpost, these are for frames, that are 22,2 on the inside and 25,4mm on the outside.
Many unicycle shops offer frame shortening. They may have some remaining pieces of these shortened frame tubes. These tube pieces will fit in your frame.
Or you buy a cheap unicycle or frame on ebay or craiglist and take the piece of tube you need from it.

Thks for your advices. Finally I made it by myself. After unsuccessful attempts to find 25,4 tube with 1mm wall thickness, the solution was already in my garage. My ancient beginner uni 20" from LIDL network(uni cost 20€) is whole from steel and it also has steel seatpost with diameter 25,4 and wall thick 1mm soo perfect match. I ordered 25,4 seatpost clamp and 22,2 seatpost …VOLIA:

here is album with bigger photos

Nice work! Looks Great. UDC should sell this solution!

By the way, the last piece of 25.4x1.6 (that’s what it is, (25.4-22)/2=1.6 ) i needed for a handle bar (to be presented soon), i got from a bicycle frame builder who had remaining pieces.