Teen engineers create electric dicycle

Saw this on Engadget

Teen engineers create eco-minded electric unicycle
The engadget folks don’t seem to know the difference between a unicycle and a dicycle. :wink:

Following the sources back eventually takes you to a story at canoe.ca published on May 22. The canoe article never uses the word “unicycle” or “dicycle”.
Canoe Technology: Teen scientists rev their motors


Wow i want one. I wish I was that smart/rich.

Wow!! A Segway that you could actually kill yourself on!!

Wow! The third thread about this in an hour

Exactly what i was thinking.

The problem with one wheeled vehicles is stopping FAST…your face gets slammed into the ground at 40mph. This is cool but a no go.

We need star trek technology (anti gravity) for this to work.

This thread was the first of the three. I win! :smiley:

Save the Earth, Ride a Unicycle

Not quite a uni…

DOH!!! :’(

At least this thing is real, as opposed to the Embryo by Bombardier, which I think is only in mockup… I’ll take one of these though, I’ll just wear a lot of armor and a full face helmet :wink:

Well its the last one I saw:D