TED: How web video powers global innovation

I was randomly watching this and thinking about how much his talk applies to unicycling, then 10 minutes in I got excited :stuck_out_tongue:

so true. my unicycle would probably be collecting dust had i not seen the many trials vids on youtube

Same here. It’s so amazing… The internet and videos are what keep me connected and inspire me to improve more when I see the skill of others. And then it’s even more amazing when we get to meet each other at conventions and stuff, after already being connected online.

I wouldnt even be riding or have gone to America if it wasnt for the universe 2 trailer being posted on youtube

I am going to host 10 random people in my flat for a small uni-convention happening in Leipzig. I have seen two of them in real life before :slight_smile: the internet really connects people.

9m48s to be exact. Congrats to Sam Haber

Thanks for posting this, Spencer.

Chris told me he was working on this talk, and I agreed to answer some questions. Right off the bat I knew that unicycling was exactly the type of example he was looking for to help express his point. It was a surprise to me to see that actually used some clips.

I expected that quite a few people would see this as TED is becoming more widely know, I did not expect so many people to be watching that one would actually be a unicyclist, and one that I know personally. Shows how connected we all really are through the net.

Just wanted to add that this TED talk was on CNN’s website a couple of days ago, which should give unicycling even more exposure. I just hope some of the 45-64 year old demographic this article is hitting will share it with their kids, haha.