Technical Trials

recently i have gotten very much into technical trials, for those of you who may not kno what that is its just trials but its usually lower to the groung so less risky but you dont have alot of room for error or adjustment(gapping skinnies and stuff like that) ive been doing this because i cant afford to have my hub brake on high drop or anything like that…so does anyone else prefer tech trials over high risk or am i alone in my liking of this style?


You’re not alone. I enjoy making my lines very technical. To a non-rider I’m sure it doesn’t look as “cool,” but I know that in videos I appreciate stuff that is more technical, because it often gets a “I can’t believe that he/she just did that.”

As far as risky. I only do risky lines during the summer. That’s when I’m most confident. The lines I consider risky, usually don’t scare me really at all. Why? Because most of them involve me riding a 6" wide skinny that has a 13’ drop down to a river on one side, and grass that’s only an inch lower on the other side.

I find it funny how sometimes the smallest things are some of the hardest, because they take way more concentration and accuracy.


I like my trials technical, but I don’t really do that much anymore. I’m scared by big trials anyway…

the lower the better for me, flat ground is always good
hahahha im just soft and dont wanna fall far

I do whatever trials I can find. Technical trials are fun, but I feel better after a big trials line.

Technical trials is always 10x more impressive to me than the ‘huge drop’ style of trials riding. Like the clip in the Defect intro of (I think its Ryan Atkins, probably wrong though) hopping down a handrail sideways, that blew my tiny mind.


Acctually, according to this thread, that would be considered going big AND technical… :roll_eyes:

I mostly ride Muni, but lately I’ve been playing around in parking lots, and I’m starting to enjoy it. I’m not sure if what I’m doing is considered trials. I hop up and down curbs, try to ride skinny ledges, stuff like that. If that’s trials, then I really like it. It’s very challenging. And no, I don’t like high risk. I used to be very risky as a mountain biker, but I’m a bit older, and I really don’t want to get hurt.

isnt tecnical trials realy just street riding

not at all. strret is more high risk show off trials. tech nical trials would be off camber surfaces to smaller drops but with more difficult gaps and jumps and such.

Probably my favorite bit in Universe 2 was KH riding along one rail of a railroad track, gapping to the other rail and riding along it.

I like the big technical trials. Bit of high hopping, mediocre drops, and the gap to skinny, or hop to skinny, ride skinny, poles, whatever. (I’m working on my hop to pole, it’s trickier then it looks).

i like the mix of the 2 the most.

I don’t see why the two are mutually exclusive…

I like stuff low to the ground because it’s easy to me push my limits there, but at a certain point, you’ve gotta get off the ground, period. It only takes two big hops in a trials line to get you 4’ or more off the ground. There’s no way to do 35" hops to rails without, of course, getting 35" off the ground.

I like rail riding high off the ground because it somehow makes me push myself and do better stillstands, riding, and mounts. I cannot stillstand worth a damn on flat ground, but regularly do better than 30 seconds (feels like an eternity) on rails.

You should be comfortable high off the ground, and know how to bail. Your trials riding will not progress if you are not. I’m not advocating dangerous moves for the sake of danger, but many trials lines are high off the ground, and there’s no way around this. One of my favorite lines is an 18" hop to a rail, followed by 6-8" to another rail, then ~18" to a 6" dia. steel post. I like it because it’s small moves, and subtle motions to land it, but there’s no way around being over 3’ off the ground in order to land the line.

well im glad im not alone…when i get my new hub and cranks then i might move to higher risk trials but for now i love doing tech trials

i enjoy this more, mostly cause i suck and secondly because i suck

how big of drops can a splined hub handle like the kh/onza ( for someone like 140)??? and is it normal if a splined hub make noise???

teh 05/06 kh splined hub and crankset should easily be able to handle 6-7 foot drops with a good roll out and maybe 4-5 foot to flat…and no i dont think its good for it to be making noise…

crap cuz when i mount it, is make a little click.

2 words…call darren.