Technical Queries about a Unicycle

Hi there,

I have been saving myself to create a post like this for a little while, but now I have a couple of things I want to ask I figured I may as well get on with it.

Firstly, how do you rotate your unicycle tyre? I tried deflating it as much as I could and then twisting it around, but I kinda struggled! Any advice?

Also, I saw a video recently on YouTube which showed how a guy “de-nubed” his unicycle cranks. Here is the link:

Can someone please tell me what this does and how it benefits your unicycling?

I may come up with other queries like this, but this will start you all off! As always, to anyone who is willing to help me, I am eternally grateful!

Many thanks

Mark Watson

Try pinchng your tyre all the way round so it sits in the central channel of the rim rather than at the outer edge, if that doesn’t work then remove one side of the tyre from the rim as if you were changing the tube, it should now be easy.

Denubbing of certain typres of cranks is done because people tend to smash their ankles on cranks with very protruding nubs, which is extremley painful. Old KH, DX and some Qu-Ax cranks are popular candidates for this treatment. Personally I rode the old KH, quite posibly the most notorious for this, with no problems, but only for muni, i think it’s more problematic for trials and street riding.

Different tire/rim combos are harder to rotate than others. I had to remove one side of my Luna on a DX32 rim to rotate it, a Monty EC seems to rotate quite easily on a tri-all rim when deflated and a Durro Wildlife seems to be impossible to rotate without completely removing from a 26" DX32.

The problem with pinching the tire into the rim valley when rotating is you tend to also rotate the tube

If you have splined cranks on your uni it would probably be easier to just rotate your cranks a few splines at a time.

wow i never thought of turning the cranks. thats a great idea!
i recently had to turn my try-all tyre, the first attept i tried pinching and turning it , i folded the inner tube around and it wouldnt inflate. so i took one side of the tyre off the rim and turnt it that way, it ended up taking about half an hour to rotate it!!

still thats probably less time than it would take to rotate the cranks.

With my CC I never had any problems rotating my tire, that went down easy, just let every puff of air out, squeezing the tyre. then just smack the tyre about and quickly spin the tire by holding it and pushing on the pedal.

I havnt tried spinning my MEC yet, hopfuly that will be just as easy.

If your realy strugling maybe you could try use talkon powder on it, that may help.