Technical? Not really.

And here is another one from a perfect weekend. Still my favourite trail and I’m glad that there wasn’t any snow already :smiley:

Actually I wanted to make some kind of progress video comparing my riding with my skills 2 years ago. It turned out that on video there isn’t a difference I just know it is there (now I ride more difficult lines more consistent and it feels faster).

PS: Don’t take the title too seriously :smiley:

and here is my video from 2 years ago showing the same trail (but not much difference in riding :smiley: ), just in case someone wants the comparison. :wink:

Well done man! :smiley:

Nice riding! Good camera angles too, they made the trail look really difficult!

Looks like a very nice trail. BTW why don’t you ride it with snow? :wink:

Sweet! Was wondering if you were still riding a while ago :slight_smile: Hadn’t heard you on the forums for a while or at least I hadn’t seen posts from you haha.

BTW I like your Restart video to, nice filming and riding :slight_smile:

Love it man! So awesome…I really can’t wait to get a 26er…

Cannot see. :frowning:

Nice video, it’s good to see some muni. Looks like lots of fun.

Do you ever ride that trail back up?

Thanks for all the nice comments!

When there is snow it would be boring because then all the stones would be under it :smiley:

Because I stopped riding about a year ago. During that time I was just reading on the forums.

26er is great. Thumbs up! :wink: Which setup will you get?

Can’t you watch the stream?

I really hope that I will never have to do that :smiley:

Great video and loads of rocks :slight_smile:

Yes, I cannot watch the stream. I don’t have Flash and I’m not using a Mac either.

Download is available now :wink:

hey man,
Really nice video- its good to have you back in the saddle and making vids again. Hope to see more of your riding soon.