Technical drawings of unicycle?

I was approached by a student (who has never met me) in a Technical
School, who has an assignment to make a technical drawing of something
with rotating parts. With ‘inventor’ (software?) they’ll have to make
a simulation as well. He has chosen to work on a unicycle (I don’t
know why) but he couldn’t find any examples of technical drawings on
the internet, just a lot of photo material.

I don’t have any technical drawings myself, but I know that some of
you have CAD designs or other digital material. Anyone willing to give
pointers or make something available?


Klaas Bil - Newsgroup Addict

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I don’t know if this would help, but he might be able to use any 3d models someone has made.


I just rendered out a few wireframes… I’m not sure if you want the seperate pieces or whatever, just ask.


Thanks Pete, I’ll direct him to this thread. Nice detailed model, but I don’t think that spoke pattern is gonna work.

Klaas Bil

Hey Pete,

Which software do you use?
I’m just curious 'cause I’m working on CAO/FAO all the time, and the freeform on the saddle and handle seem pretty good.



Are there solid models of those components that youd be willing to donate? or are the wireframes anything that could be imported into another design tool…

I have access to solid works, ideas, and unigraphics and would like to have the seat, handle and tire to add to my uni model.

If you’d be willing to send out a copy of any of that email me and i’ll tell you where to send it… (not to my regular email)


They’re probably is talking about ‘Autodesk Inventor’, which is basically a CAD program, where everything is 3d, etc. All I can say is that certain parts of unicycles are really a pain to make, such as the curvature of the seat (if you’re incuding the curve of the sides), perhaps a BC wheel would be much easier, maybe with dropped down platforms?

Lightwave 7.5c ( is what I used for the KH model, it’s a really good modelling/animation package with probably the best renderer in the business but it’s not got many options for exporting to other programs without having to get hold of extra plugins.

I found a plugin that would be able to export my models to .dxf format which I think is what a lot of CAD programs use?

I box modelled the seat with subpatches (made a cube, split it, dragged the new points around a bit, split it again etc.), it’s not perfect (I managed to lose a bit of symmetry along the line somewhere). I know the spokes aren’t right either but I was running out of time.

Lemme know if .dfx files would be any use to you and then I’ll download the plugin & send u a copy of the model.


more KH3d :slight_smile:

Beautiful. Is it just me or did you make that wheel extra-beefy? :slight_smile: Either way, I think it’s fantastic.