Tech rails

Hey everyone this thread is for the more street unicyclist :stuck_out_tongue: I was wondering what you guys have busted on rails NOT LEDGES… Ive doone 180 trie grabs out revs out and 1 footed grinds… what have you guys done ? I need some insparation :stuck_out_tongue: haha so yeah thanks to all that answer

bluntslides… jump over the rail and grind on your blind pedal… or come up to it blind and grind on your normal pedal.

yeah done that to all the tricks out…

I cant do anything on a rail other than a normal grind but i think if the rail is high enough a seat whip would be cool. Maybe a crankflip into one, i havent seen that yet.

We just had this conversation. haha. That’s rad. Crankflip into a rail would be sick. Tomsey I didn’t know that you could blind slide rails. Let alone blunt to blind. Crazy. I guess another thing one could add is backslide rails. That’s all I can say. ha, laters

-Shaun Johanneson

dude, so are you saying you can blunt and trick out, on a rail?

yeah, i havent done it on any handrails, just park rails… but i dont think its too far away. blind blunts are kinda easier to get over the rail but harder to stay on.
another cool one would be alley-oop backslide. i cant do them even on ledges, but its there to try. if tricking out of bluntslides doesnt pose enough of a challenge for ya

I would just like to say that I do not understand a word you guys are saying.

But I AM curious.

lots of skater terms have been appropriated into street. you really need to see them to know how these tricks are done… and to know whats still possible.

Agreeable that it kinda has to be seen to understand…

Quote “dude, so are you saying you can blunt and trick out, on a rail?”

Nah, I’m more of a tech ledge grinder, that just got into tech rails. (If this question is posed at me, i’m not sure, i’m answering it anyway, lol) I’ve blunt slide a park rail, haven’t found street rails yet, they’re all too high to pop over to slide. BluntBlind would be easier to jump over to slide, but i agree harder to slide. This I haven’t done on a ledge yet. Allie oop backslide. I’m guess blunt to backslide. That’d be sick, never tried that either. I’m looking for some killer one foots in backslides, and 180 flips to backslides. That’s what I want next. More backslide stuff, kinda young. Laters

-Shaun Johanneson

Are you guys talking about handrails like down stairs or rails that aren’t down stairs that are just flat? If your talking about actual hand rails i’ve almost landed; 180 out, full rev out, tire grab out, and levitator. If you’re talking about flat rails i’ve done eveything on those that i can do on leges.

OK, i’ve been thinking bout this for a while, any chance of this working?

Ride up, jump to grind on your good side, let’s say the rail is on your right. Basically the trick is to turn around while grinding, so you end up going backwards. As you’re going along, you jam the front of your tyre in to the rail and bring the back round to the left. As the back swings out your grinding crank will come off the rail so you’re going to need to put a little hop or something in, cos for a very short time you won’t be resting on anything. Keep rotating until your left crank catches on the rail and you end up once again parallel to the rail, but now facing backwards, and you grind out backwards so your direction never changes. Does that make sense?

i can blunt to 180out actaully thats it… never rlly tried bluunt to blind… I will soon tho

and I do all my grind on a flat squared rail thats a bit lower the 1f high… itsd my practice rail

I have a rail thats 12" high and when i grind it, i have to do a rev in the air so my tire doesnt touch the ground. How can you grind a rail thats less than 1 foot? thats almost even with your crank.

might bemore then 1 foot then… my tire is just above the ground and at the end of the rail I hit the thing that makes the rail stay up… and actaully I think its exactly 1 foot and my tire dosent touch the ground

and I ahve to say that my 180 into rials r really bad and I cannot crankflip to rail or unispin out of them…

dude, just go to a skate shop. they usually have one in stock, if they donnt most shops have catalogs or something like that that you can order, or just go on ebay.
or you couldd just get a 2X4 peice of wood and bolt in on the legs of the rail. that what i did, it works fine unless you maid it too high


i use my freind metal rail he made in construction

Wait…whats an ‘alley oop’?

very hard to explain… the only way I could say it would be a 180 on the wrong side :thinking: