Tech Question: Home Anodizing?

I’ve been meaning to ask this for a while…

Somewhere in another thread and time, somebody (Christopher?) mentioned they’d done anodizing at home.

Could the “Martha Stewart of Home Anodizing” ;), whoever you are, please step forward and share some links or even just info on how cheap/expensive and easy/difficult this is?

Thanks in advance!

I’ll post some links when I get home; however, some anodizing links can be found in a previous post ziped with a bunch of carbon fiber wet-layup info… I think you can find it here:


Set up is fairly straight forward and is no more complex than simple plumbing and wiring; however, there are some very real hazzards, such as electrocuetion, poisoning or blinding. These dangers will pose no real threat if you respect them and take procautions such as protective clothing/eyeware. Of equal concern might be the disposal of waste material. All this needs to be out of the reach of children (duh!).


You might want to look into powdercoating as well. It can be done in the kitchen oven.

That’s what I’ve been thinking about. Any helpful hints?

I’ll check in with my friend who does it all.