Teasers from my big movie...

I’m probably showing you too much but I can’t help myself…I’m excited. We’ve been doing heaps and heaps of filming lately for my movie and it’s coming along great! I’ve got many more people to filming and many more places I want to ride but here’s a sample of what I’ve got so far.

I’ve been doing a lot of reverse suicide mounts and combining suicide mounts with sandwich boards lately…it’s great fun. I have many more combinations to try out.

Anyway, here are the teasers…enjoy!



no no no. You have it all wrong. You need a video trailer for your movie. Although the pics are very impressive. :smiley: When do you expect to have the whole thing done?


Well the thing is that until I get a new computer and a Firewire setup going all I can get onto the computer is about 1 frame per second.

I have no idea when it will be finished…maybe in a couple of months or so.


What do you people want to see?

What do you people want to see in a unicycling movie? Personally I’d like to include more muni. I think a lot of unicycling movies focus too much on trials. Trials is really really great and we’ve been filming a lot of it, but I want to have a good variety of styles. You can expect some ridiculously good (and I mean ridiculously good) freestyle riding in the movie by a friend of mine. I’d like to give him a 5+ minute section. I’m also planning on filming a younger friend of mine, James Boothroyd.

So what do you people want to see?

I think I’ll most likely make a low quality version of the movie available for download. Maybe also a good qualit one if it’s not too big.


I personally think that MUni in movies isn’t that exciting to watch. The only person I like watching do MUni is Kris Holm, because he does all that life threatening stuff (or he used to).
Freestyle is really fun to watch. Also trials. So yeah, I think the perfect unicycle movie would have freestyle, trials, and MUni by Kris Holm.
EDIT No, not freestyle and trials and muni, all by Kris Holm. I meant

Muni by Kris Holm

MUni seems to be harder to present as excitingly as trials or freestyle. but im sure that some cool camera views and effects could spice it up. for example, you could change the coloring or the camera speed. i dont know what kind of trails you have in australia but if you arent riding along three hundred foot cliffs it may be hard to present it as well as trials or freestyle. good luck. oh yeah, i noticed that if you film a hill from straight on, it never looks as steep as it really is. film it from the side.

Well I guess it’s just a personal thing and what you’ve said is exactly what I wanted to know. I personally love watching technical, rocky, rutty muni descents without it neccessarily having to look dangerous but it looks like I should probably leave out a fair bit of the muni we’ve filmed because other people would rather see other things. Either that or get Kris Holm to star in the movie. :slight_smile:

We tried to where possible. The problem with a lot of trails in Brisbane is that they have lots of trees and long grass either side so you can’t move back far enough for a good shot.

One thing I will do is try to track down as much northshore bits and pieces as I can and film that because northshore always looks entertaining. There are a few good spots I can think of.

Thanks. I’d love to hear more from other people if possible so we can make this movie as entertaining as possible.



Thanks for the teaser pics! Looks nuts, man!

On the muni topic: I would love to see just as much muni as the other types of unicycling. From the pictures, it looks as though you have some great terrain (rocks,roots,logs, steepness) to work with. It also looks like you have taken pretty good care to keep the camera angled right to show steepness.

Do it up! :slight_smile: I’ll look forward to it.

Ohh and one more thing. Its real cheap to buy a firewire card. So dont let that hold you up…if that is the case! If your computer doesnt have the balls to deal with the video…thats a bigger problem, i suppose.

have a nice day

edit: and and and…that suicide mount on the sandwich boards is so crazy!

Put in some muni too. I like seeing muni in movies even if it doesn’t film as well as trials.

Video that gives a sense of riding the trail might be neat. A mix of first person (helmet cam or uni cam) and second person follow cam video that gives a sense of the ride might work. It will be harder to do muni filming than trials or street or freestyle filming. But it would be wrong not to have a muni segment.

Given the number of MUnithusiasts on the site, I bet that if you show some relatively decent trials (with some crashes, of course), our imaginations will take care of the rest. But I agree that MUni doesn’t look as impressive to someone who doesn’t do it. I’d still like to see some stuff.

The movie looks great, can’t wait.

I’d love to see some muni in the movie, I think it is too little muni in movies.

Re: What do you people want to see?

I’d Like to see you stop stoking your own thread.

Re: Re: What do you people want to see?

Stoke your own thread as much as you see fit, no problem.

I support having more MUni in, I can relate to that best. There are already some good ideas in this thread to make it more interesting to see. To show steepness of a trail (while filming ‘lengthwise’), aim your camera horizontal.

Klaas Bil


Here are some more images from the movie. I finally got a chance to film James riding a little. He’s a great rider.

I noticed something interesting today. I was able to use ‘Print Screen’ to capture the frames (this way it’s a better resolution) on the most recent tape I’ve been filming on but not on the others. On the others, it just leaves a black space where the frames should be. This is the case for most video players and things like that I think. I don’t get it.


Edit: Tony, this is the place I was telling you about with all the rocks. It’s a shame you missed it.

Looks like its coming along nicely! Any idea as to when the movie might be completed? I can’t wait to see it:D

As you can imagine it’s pretty hard to say. I’m hoping it will be finished in less than 2 months.


Mmmmm - nice rocks!

Cool photos, too. I like the one where you’re doing a hop-on-wheel drop. That’s commitment!


I’m going to have to work on those a little bit. I didn’t land the drop/gap but it was fun trying. I was trying to convince James to try doing it normally.


I’m jealous of your weather, excellent riding terrain and m4d skillz… :slight_smile: