[Teaser] Forcalquier - Y'a du jeu dans ta roue

Here’s a small teaser for the video of this week end unicycle meeting

i´m looking forward to see the whole video

Very nice, looking forward to the full vid :).

there’s only two people that want to see this video? :stuck_out_tongue:

i think there are way more :wink:
these people (including me) are just too lazy to write a comment for the teaser :smiley:

i’m waiting for the full video!

yeah, i agree. I didn’t comment at first, but i’m just waiting till the full video :smiley: loved the music. sounds epic.

Can’t wait for the full video :wink:

Just the trailer was F***ING amazing! The hickquad was WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!

Simply amazing! The late flip was cool; did you land that?

can’t wait for the whole thing…
the guy with no shoes…stione…what uni is he riding?