Teaser for my next video

Here is the teaser for my next video that will be a big one so… enjoy


Was that you on the bike too? And nice vid:)

um no I am the unicyclist

nice riding, for a sweet potato! ( : both the unicycling and the biking was impressive. you need an ending to the movie, I think, some title like COMING NEXT OCTEMBER or something, then music fades out, then title fades out, then end

good thinkin, I wish i could be more like you

ahh, don’t we all.

cool song!!


Nice teaser, should be a great movie.


Bodacious song.

wow brock fisher looks so much cooler then i thought :p. good vid jusr next time please dont use quick ime and maybe make the ending a little better :slight_smile:

Im looking forward to the movie, but nice teaser. And it looks like your friend needs to grind his rim :roll_eyes: ! Lets see some NS shit too.

Nice viddy. You do a lot of drops.

Were you doing some stationary filming? It looked like at some points the camera was setup on a spot and then you just rode through the screen. Shooting like that is hard.

thanx for the comps and yeah it did need an ending but oh well

That dude on the bike makes it look so easy!